From One Million Hockey Legs to Bovelander Foundation

In 2015, the One Million Hockey Legs Social Projects (1MHL) Foundation was established. This foundation, inspired and founded by Floris Jan Bovelander, was initiated by a MoU signed in 2014 between the Dutch and Indian ministries of VWS and Youth Affairs and Sports regarding sports development in the broadest sense of the word.

In recent years, various projects have been visited, set up and promoted throughout India. A reach of millions of Indians and impact on many thousands of often underprivileged children, coaches and organizations was realized. The programs were and are a great success and are also very inspiring for all trainers, coaches and organizations. Here you can read a summary of the One Million Hockey Legs years.

We have chosen to continue our current programs under a new name and new foundation. Of course with the same passion and commitment to develop children and young adults. The focus is still on India and hockey.

With the renewed name of the Bovelander Foundation and new structure, we hope to be able to make even more impact where it is most needed. As the name implicates, Floris Jan Bovelander is still the inspiration and figurehead behind the foundation.

Floris Jan Bovelander:
“I am convinced that sport is a fantastic binder for developing individuals and, through communities, making society more social, stronger and more stable anywhere in the world. I feel very proud to set up the Bovelander Foundation and to continue where I have started in India in recent years. That the programs are being deepened, expanded and set up in a more sustainable way. Doing exactly that where my heart and passion lie.

Our work in India and the field visits that I made with Right To Play made me realize that I want to dedicate myself in the coming years to pushing the children who need it in the right direction. “