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Hockey clubs

Do you as a club want to support one or more of our projects? Please contact us to find out the possibilities.

In case you have hockey equipment for us please look at the below considerations and explanation. To make and keep our projects as sustainable as possible and to not interfere with local markets to much we are strict on what we can bring to our projects.

Therefore we choose to collect the following equipment:

Hockey sticks, balls, cones, bibs Yes! Sticks, balls, cones and bibs are used all the time. Please do check the state, in particular of your stick; it’s not worth the transport it can’t be used on arrival.
Goalie sets Depends, only if we have enough space to store them or if you can pay for shipment costs.
Clothing No, this is locally available. However, we think that for a special event (e.g. tournament) a club shirt might give an extra touch to the experience of children and coaches.
Shoes and shin pads Only if in a good state.
Larger stick bags and goalie bags Yes, they are very useful for local transport of equipment by our coaches.

We kindly request you to donate equipment by actually getting it to us. We have limited (human) resources, so not having to pick it up somewhere else, makes a world of difference. If you get it to us, we make sure the next 7.000 kilometers are taken care of. We are based in Haarlem.

Contact us if you want to help:

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