COVID-19 and the Bovelander Foundation

The past months COVID-19 has controlled most of our lives in many ways. But it’s great to see all the different initiatives that are being picked up by our partners CInI and Navjeevan.

They both immediately acted and helped in as many ways as possible. CInI provided players with a hockey stick and a ball, so they could play individually at home. Trainers are making video’s with exercises, so the players can train individual at home.

But CInI also helped with non-hockey related stuff. They also helped transporting food from the markets to communities. We are very proud to have a partner like CInI, who also supports human beings in these rough times and we can learn a lot from this.

That also counts for Navjeevan. In the areas Jalandhar, Amritsar and Gurdaspur they provide families and households with food packages, face masks and teaching communities awareness about hand washing. Coaches will also provide in videos with demo’s and challenges to practice at home, related to hockey skills.

However, Navjeevan still face some challenges. Also not every student or child is in the possession of a hockey stick. And at community level, not every student may have a phone, to watch the videos.

It is a period where amazing ideas and creative initiatives rise up, due to COVID-19 we can learn a lot from our partners, but mostly we are proud and impressed with how they are handling this whole situation.

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