Mr. Balbir Singh & Sulleman Masih

In our program we always work with local partners. In Amritsar our local partner is Navjeevan (NCS). To understand the role of Navjeevan, and what the impact of our program is, in terms of development of coaches and players, is very valuable for us. 

One of the coaches of the program is Mr. Balbir Singh, born at Pakharpura village in the Amritsar district. He started playing hockey when he was a child, together with the other children of his village. Eventually he has played at the district level, state level and university level. 
After his hockey career he started to coach children at his village. He even coached Paramdeep Singh, who is now player of the national Indian hockey team.  

In 2016 Balbir Singh got associated with NCS. He got different community centres appointed, to coach the poor and needy children of the villages. He was taught many things by the NCS and the coaches from Bovelander Foundation. He learned about didactics and new coaching techniques to teach hockey to children in a better way. Together with the Sports for Development project, the children from the village became even better players and are being taught life skills.  

One of the children Mr. Balbir Singh coaches is Sulleman Masih, who is now player at Pakharpura Community Centre in the Amritsar District. He learns a lot of hockey skills from Mr. Balbir Singh and he is very happy about the contribution they make towards the children. 
In 2016 Sulleman got involved with the project Sports for Development, that NCS started in cooperation with One Million Hockey Legs, which is now named Bovelander Foundation. Besides that Sulleman learns from Mr. Balbir Singh, he also learns a lot of hockey skills and techniques when the Dutch coaches visit the field. Because of the program, Sulleman is able to participate in several tournaments at district, state and national level. He even became team captain during some tournaments. It made Sulleman a very confident hockey player. 

Next to all the hockey skills which Sulleman is being taught, he also learns a lot of personal skills, such as discipline, communication, and about drug (ab)use and related diseases.

Both Mr. Balbir Singh and Sulleman feel the Sports for Development program gives them the opportunity to become better versions of themselves. That’s exactly what we thrive for with the Bovelander Foundation, to help children and trainers develop by means of sports. 

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