Official name: Stichting Bovelander Foundation
Public name: Bovelander Foundation

RSIN 861221308
KvK 77981367

Correspondence address:
Bovelander Foundation
Verspronckweg 63c
2023BB Haarlem
The Netherlands

0031 (0) 23 541 0330

Objective of de Foundation
– Expand the number of hockey pyramids, in collaboration with existing bodies and infrastructure;
– generate maximum impact by bringing together relevant parties via the hockey program. (relevant parties = depending on local needs);
– work towards setting up programs with street children in large cities, based on our current program focusing on urban context;
– set up a clear monitoring and evaluation system;
– set up a connection between the different layers of the pyramid in consultation with project partner;
– draw up and implement a fundraising strategy to increase income.

Activities of the Bovelander Foundation
– Offer “train the trainer” courses to transfer knowledge to local trainers and coaches;
– provide training to children at all levels, from grassroots to academy;
– manage and support the local organization with which the Foundation collaborates;
– give social skills lessons to trainers and coaches;
– set up exchange program between coaches of different layers of the pyramid;
– enter into partnerships with relevant organisations that offer additional social services (eg. financial literacy),

The Bovelander Foundation receives funds, donations and gifts from various directions. It is important to spend the largest possible percentage of this income on the objective as included in the articles of association. In order to determine this, the costs and recruitment costs are kept as low as possible, so that they are in proportion to the expenditure for the purpose of the foundation.

The foundation raises funds for the objectives through the following recruitment activities:
– Applications for subsidies from the government and appropriate funds;
– donation campaigns for private individuals and companies;
– presentations, networking events and golf tournament for companies;
– various recruitment campaigns at and with the cooperation of (hockey) clubs;
– publishing newsletters with information about current and possible new projects, with a call for support of a concrete project.

Obviously, the foundation does not aim to make a profit. The foundation does not hold more capital than is reasonably necessary for the continuity of the planned activities for the objectives of the foundation.

Payments are made to fixed charities that are supported by the Bovelander Foundation. Depending on the income/donations, additional expenses will be spent on new projects. The contribution per project is determined annually unless stated otherwise.

None of the board members of the Bovelander Foundation has majority control of the foundation’s assets. The board members have joint authority.

In the event of the liquidation of the Bovelander Foundation, a positive liquidation balance will be spent in need of an ANBI with a similar objective or of a foreign institution that aims exclusively or almost exclusively for the public good and has a similar objective.

Cost structure
Independent board
The board runs the charity independently of business interests, family ties or connections with other organizations.

Rewards for board members
As defined in the Bovelander Foundation’s articles of association, board members are not entitled to declare vacation pay or to be compensated for their board efforts in other ways. The activities of the board members are completely selfless and voluntary. Advanced expenses and travel expenses are reimbursed. In order to offset these expenses, a receipt must be submitted. Board members who perform an executive function do receive remuneration.

The Bovelander Foundation currently employs 2 employees. The Foundation also deploys freelancers and volunteers.

Rewards for employees
The Bovelander Foundation opts for a tailor-made reward, tailored to the individual employee, because each employee has its own specific qualities. In addition, it retains the opportunity to allow employees who perform excessively to develop faster and to allow additional efforts in terms of remuneration to grow faster. The Bovelander Foundation therefore does not have a permanent function house with strict job scales and associated salaries.

Rewards for volunteers
Bovelander Foundation has a small group of volunteers who are committed to the organisation. These volunteers receive an expense allowance tailored to the efforts or compensated time they put into the foundation. Advanced expenses may also be declared to the foundation. In order to be reimbursed for these expenses, they must provide proof of payment.