In Nashik we’ve organized a pilot from July 2018 till September 2018, to let the area get to know our project.

hockey project nashik
Lokale partner:Mahindra Agri Solutions
Locatie:Nashik, Maharashtra
Start / Eind:Juli 2018 – September 2018 (pilot)
Social skills
Coördinator:Supriya Gangurde (local organization)
Aantal coaches:12
Aantal scholen:12
Aantal kinderen:480

In Nashik and surrounding we launched a pilot of 8-10 weeks from July to September. A coaching course was conducted for 12 local coaches. Children trained twice a week for 8 weeks after which the pilot ended with a hockey festival. Since also schools from very remote areas participated in the program it was motivating and inspiring to see that children from different social and cultural background participated and played together during the final day.

All schools were provided the essential hockey equipment namely sticks, cones, balls and bibs.

In addition, an educational and fun hockey magazine was designed and developed for this program. All children received this magazine after participation during the hockey festival.