What we do

The Bovelander Foundation works in areas where, and with people for who, it is not obvious that they have a fair chance at a better life. With this we continue the work of One Million Hockey Legs.

With our hockey program we bring children, young adults and their communities together and support them in their personal, social, athletic and educational development.
To have an impact and to be able to implement our programs correctly we always work with local organizations and local people. So that the programs ultimately can be continued, organizational and financial, independent from our support.

In the areas where we work we make use of the 3-layer pyramids-model, which aims to have every child and every coach to be challenged at their own development level.
The grassroots program is the bottom layer and is the basis of our program where hockey is used as an instrument for personal and social development. The middle and top layer together form the talent program. Here, hockey is not just used as a means but also a goal itself.

Grassroot program

  • Weekly hockey training, school hockey league, and hockey festivals;
  • Developing social and life skills;
  • Extra learning modules such as: health, nutrition, education and financial literacy;
  • At school play grounds and communities;
  • Hockey is a tool;
  • Fun, inspire, dream.

Regional Development Center (RDC)

  • Weekly training in talent program;
  • Basic English (hockey related);
  • Developing social and life skills;
  • Extra learning modules on topics such as: health, nutrition, education and financial literacy
  • Practice, if possible, on artificial pitch;
  • Focus on nutrition;
  • Hockey as a tool and hockey as goal;
  • Inspire and dream.

Hockey Academy (talent development)

  • Daily training led by Dutch and Indian top hockey coaches;
  • Training to become a top hockey player;
  • At high performance center with housing;
  • Support in education;
  • English;
  • Developing social and life skills
  • Focus on health;
  • Vocational training.


  • Coach- and training courses for various programs and levels in the 3-layer pyramid-model;
  • Developing social and life skills;
  • Guaranteed job in our programs;
  • Growth opportunities in the local organization and/or as trainer or coach;
  • Guidance and support in personal and professional development through first-aid courses, basic English and social skills training program with themes such as leadership, communication and teamwork.


  • We make an impact on the communities by providing programs that offer development for the children and local coaches, but certainly also because our programs are organized in and around the communities. Additionally, we create and facilitate employment opportunities, transfer knowledge, and we stimulate the connection between the various communities, for example through:
  • School hockey leagues between different communities and blocks;
  • Mutual hockey festivals; and
  • Information meetings on diverse local themes.