It has, and will always set women apart from men—dealing with the menstrual cycle in sports.

The Bovelander Foundation and Odisha Naval Tata Hockey High Performance Center is partnering with Meri Body, to educate the academy’s female athletes.

This program includes bi-weekly one hour online interactive sessions that will be conducted by the founder of Meri body @namitakrul. It will cover information, discussions, experiences, and opinions that will touch upon issues such as:

• Menstruation taboos, norms, and shaming practices
• Menstrual hygiene
• Period poverty
• Period positivity
• Sports during periods

As an organization, Meri Body is committed to conducting various awareness campaigns, webinars, and online training sessions related to women’s menstrual health and reproductive well-being.

In addition, the strength of the Bovelander Foundation program is that it provides a platform for (local) organizations to link or implement initiatives in areas such as nutrition, health, education and financial literacy, aimed at local needs. This cooperation with Meri Body is a perfect example of such initiative.

The program was held with the female cadets from the academy. And now, after six module sessions, the knowledge of the female body and its reproductive organs have been enormously increased among the girls. But the taboo has also been broken for the girls to talk about their periods and that also makes that their confidence is boosted.

All the girls received a certificate, after succesfully complete the program, and we look back at an inspiring first session with Meribody. That’s why we are willing to roll this out further at the Regional Development Centers (RDC) and hope to inspire more girls with this program.

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