Launch of Coach Fund in Jharkhand

The Bovelander Foundation aims to support coaches in their development and as role models in their community. To take a next step in leadership, we launch the Coach Funds program! We invite coaches to come up with a project to make a difference in their community. Coaches have ownership of the project and develop their professional skills.


We kicked off this new program for the Bovelander Foundation in Khunti. In December Bovelander trainers from the Netherlands held a workshop on project management and introduced the Coach Fund. Inspired, coaches from the Grassroots program and Regional Development Centre brainstormed on projects and worked in four groups on their proposals.


In January the coaches presented four great pitches. Speaking in front of a group can be challenging, but it was a good opportunity to practice. Some proposals were more extensive than others, but all proposals were creative and brought new perspectives. It showed the potential of the plans, but more importantly it showed us all the potential of the youth outside of being hockey coaches.

After a feedback round, coaches got to finetune their plans and got ready for the last pitch. It was a tough decision, but the first project is selected: a sanitation block for girls. Not all schools have toilet blocks, let alone hygienic washrooms specifically for girls. This can lead to infections, and girls’ school attendance decreasing. Through the Coach Fund the coaches aim to turn that around and inspire girls and families. The project can also be seen in light of menstrual health and wellbeing on which coaches raise awareness.

It was a successful launch of the Coach Fund. We can’t wait for the inaugaration of the toilets in June. Stay tuned!

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