Jalandhar is a small city in the region of Punjab, where our local partner; Navjeevan is located.

Lokale partner:Navjeevan, Punjab
Locatie:Jalandhar, Punjab
Start / Eind:Mei 2016 – tot heden
Social skills
Information and education on drug prevention and related diseases
Coördinator:Hamminder Singh (hockey), Suman Masish (local organization)
Aantal coaches:3
Aantal scholen:7
Aantal kinderen:340

Jalandhar is a smaller city in Punjab, where our local partner Navjeevan holds its office. We trained since 2016 several coaches for the program. Currently 3 coaches are working in the field and give 5 times per month hockey training to boys and girls of 7 different schools.

In addition, Navjeevan organizes education and information sessions on drug (ab)use and drug related diseases like TB.