Navjeevan team visits RDC Khunti and Simdega

In October 2019 we organized for the first time that two projects came together, since the start of the foundation. A delegation from Amritsar and Jalandhar, Punjab (Navjeevan team) traveled together with the coaches and trainers by train to Khunti, Jharkhand. A long trip of 1.758 km. It was the first time for the boys that they were far from home and that they played against a different team on the other side of India.

Navjeevan team en RDC Khunit meisjes

Seven matches were played. Navjeevan won five times, one time it was a draw and one time they lost. They played against different teams with different compositions and on different grounds. The matches were organized in Khunti and in Simdega (four hours away from Khunti).

It was fantastic to organize this trip. For the children it’s valuable, to play against other children that they have never met. They learn to deal with a different kind of pressure because the interaction is different. We hope that we can organize more of these trips in the future, so children can also develop themselves in much more different qualities and skills.

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