Hockey and menstrual health

In 2021, we had the first menstrual health project added to our hockey program. We partnered with Meri Body for interactive sessions with the girls in the Hockey Academy in Odisha. Read more about it here. In 2022 we piloted a new project around the position of girls and women, this time in Jharkhand.

Through funds we enabled 8 new female coaches to join. For the coaches it means employment and empowerment. And it guarantees their families with income next to their agricultural activities. For the female players, it leads to more role models and mentors in who they can recognize themselves.

On top of that we teamed up again with Meri Body to launch a menstrual health and wellbeing project in rural Jharkhand. Together with our local partner CInI – Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives, 13 female coaches were trained on menstrual health and wellbeing and on how to discuss it with the girls in the grassroots hockey program. 650 girls so far have benefitted from this program.

Many girls face challenges with managing their periods safely in the rural areas. These trainings equip these girls to manage their period confidently without any shame.

Binita – Grassroot trainer, Simdega

Menstrual health training is not only about the female body; it’s an opportunity to nurture a rural girls who understand their bodies, support one another, and break societal taboos.

Jasmani – Grassroot trainer, Khunti

This project shows again, hockey is more than just a game. A big step for coaches to raise awareness and break taboos by making menstrual health something part of daily life. And due to the safe environment coaches create, the girls can talk openly and are more at ease with their coaches and friends. A great first project. We hope to scale up and also include menstrual health and wellbeing in other regions.

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