Christmas Charity Dinner

On October 30, 2023 we had a great start of the collaboration with Rotary Club Amsterdam International. RCAI supports our efforts for equal opportunities and a safe environment for girls and women in India. During the Rotary meeting we shared more about our work with the Amsterdam International members. Join us for the next event, the Christmas Charity Dinner on December 9th!

Hockey is a popular sport in Jharkhand, and can give equal participation and future perspectives for both male and female players and coaches. We partner with CInI for our Grassroots Hockey Program and Regional Development Centres in Jharkhand. At a total of 80 (community) locations almost 50 coaches engage over 3.200 children multiple times a week. We aim for a near 50:50 balance between male and female coaches players. However, we are not there yet.

Jharkhand can be characterized as rural state, about 75% of the people live and work in the countryside. A large share of the population is of tribal background who face problems following the expropriation of their agricultural land. On top of these challenges, women and girls are often regarded as inferior and there are many gender-based challenges: early marriages, girls dropout of school, and trafficking of women and girls. But as we know, hockey is more than just a game.

Therefore, the Bovelander Foundation started in 2022 a project that promotes female empowerment and menstrual health and hygiene education through hockey in Jharkhand. With extra female coaches as mentors, girls are encouraged to join sport. Partnering with local NGOs, allows for educational programs added. Read more about it here.

With the support of Rotary Club Amsterdam International we can continue this empowering project. We aim for 8 female coaches and 400 new players with female role models to join in hockey multiple times a week. On top of that, 10-15 female coaches will participate in courses on menstrual health and wellbeing. These coaches take this knowledge with them when training the players, and will conduct 6-8 sessions on menstrual health and wellbeing for 500 girls.

We are grateful for the help and believe that together with the RCAI we can take this project to the next step in 2024. Meet the wonderful members of RCAI and support the women and girls in Jharkhand. Join us December 9th for the Christmas Charity Dinner.

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