Launching new hockey program in Mulund, Mumbai

We are very happy to announce that yesterday, the 21st of September 2023, we launched a new Bovelander Foundation hockey project. In cooperation with Sakhi For Girls Education we started a hockey program for underprivileged kids in Mulund, Mumbai. 

A program for 60 girls at the age off 8-14 years who will not only receive hockey training but during these practices they also receive health care, social skills, and women empowerment, twice a week. We had the pleasure of welcoming our Consul General from The Netherlands in Mumbai Mr. Bart De Jong to the opening which made it even more special.

The Bovelander Foundation strongly believes that playing hockey can contribute to a better life for this underprivileged group of girls and we can provide them with the life skills they will be needing and inspire them to be the next changemaker!
Sakhi for Girls Education is an organization founded by Aarti Naik, a young woman changemaker from Mulund, the western suburban slum area of Mumbai, India. In August 2008 she started her social venture SAKHI for Girls Education (which means female friend who inspires, guides, and supports other girls for a good cause). The purpose of Sakhi is to create a safe surrounding for quality education for slum girls in their own area.

The hope is that every slum girl will be able to continue their study with confidence and receive quality education.
We are looking forward to inspiring these young girls, creating a better future for them and most of all to bring a smile on their face, because in the end “Hockey is more than just a game!”.

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