Meet & Greet with Roelant Oltmans

Meet & Greet with Roelant Oltmans

Wow, what a chance! From 9-11 February 2018 Roelant Oltmans (ex head coach of the Indian National Mens team) visited our project in Khunti. Our local trainers from West Singhbhum, Khunti and Simdega had the opportunity to meet and greet him.

Warmly welcomed, Roelant and Warner took liberty to conduct a  few training sessions with the High Performance trainers. The Master Trainers were divided into three groups and got different assignments.

After the training session the assignmemts per group were discussed and all trainers had the opportunity to ask Roelant all about his career, experience, knowledge and opinions. Our trainers were very interested in understand the careerpath to becoming a professional coach. But also, had questions about techniques and tactics. In the evening all trainers went to watch Roelant coach his team at the National Senior Women’s Hockey Championship in Ranchi.

Before Roelant left for his next destination some group photos were taken.

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