Impression of our work in Khunti

This video gives you an impression of our work in Khunti, Jharkhand.

For our project in Khunti we work together with our local partner CInI. Since our start in Khunti in May 2016 we now have educated over 60 coaches. That in their turn train the children.
about 4000 children are trained on a weekly basis. We work in cycles of 3-4 monts. The first weeks children train on basic hockey skills, then they start playing the interschool league and dot hey learn to play games.
The winners of the pools play a knock-out tournament during the hockey festival. For the other teams there are activities organized like a clinic, movies and taking penalty strokes. Additionally children can turn a man inside out with questions during the Q&A with (former) players from the national team who were born and raised in Jharkhand. 

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