First edition Hockey for India – Bovelander Hockey Series

Thursday the 30th of June, the first edition of the Hockey for India – Bovelander Hockey Series took place. Together with the Rotary Club IJmond and hockey club Strawberries we organized an amazing school hockey tournament for elementary schools in Velsen.

The goal of this day was of course to play hockey, but also to raise money for the Bovelander Foundation. And that happened… The Rotary Club organized some great initiatives. For example, a lotery with great prizes.

At the end of the day a cheque was presented by Bram Diepstraten to Floris Jan with the great amount of €5.045,-!

Rotaryclub en Bovelander Foundation. Hockeyclub Straberries, 30 juni, 2021.

The past months we have been working hard, behind the scenes to create a complete school package with education material, about hockey and India, for elementary school children. The children learn for example how children in India play hockey or the differences between hockey in India and the Netherlands. But they also learn about the history of India.
Next to that, all the children who participated in the hockey tournament, received a fun and education magazine with lots of information about hockey, hockey in India, hockey and India and Hockey for India.

This initiative is a great example for what we can achieve when we work together with different organizations and communities, like the Rotary Club. We can organize an amazing event that is great fun, educational and is also a great collaboration.

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