Historic Olympics

These past Olympics were for the Indian women and men hockey team a great success. The men came home with a bronze medal, but with a gold lining. And the women made it to an astonishing fourth place. In a way, timing could not be better. For a long period, India is building on their teams to be at their best. And these results at the Olympics are an enormous stimulant for hockey in India.

At the academy, all of the cadets were watching every game with so much passion. You could feel the excitement and energy in the room when the Indian team scored or won a game. This is exactly what hockey does in India. It gives people joy, but most of all… something to be proud of. And proud is exactly what we are! To understand how much this means for the Indians, below you can read some examples of quotes of our field hockey trainers:

‘’Splendid, history is made. This was a different team….. Victory is always possible when you keep fighting… This Indian team refused to loose… Very emotional moment for everyone…’’

‘’Fasten your seat belts… Indian Hockey is about to take off again… Enjoy the ride in coming years…’’

‘’What a win. Majestic. Have never seen our girls play better. Proud of them.’’

‘’This is going to be very encouraging for Indian hockey… inspiring our young players…’’

The impact of this success is huge, because it shows where hard work and determination can bring you. And although there is already so much hard work been put in these both teams… This is just the beginning. We believe that the world will see so much more great successes of the Indian hockey teams in the future. And we build on that together!

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